Regional Director Alexander Makinano highlighted that he is privileged to share the commission’s program to the students. The commission carries through with the Adolescent Health and Development Program and other programs under the Philippine Population Management Program.

The Adolescent Health and Development Program better known as AHDP is POPCOM’s response to the growing awareness worldwide on the reproductive health issues and concerns of the youth and their significant contribution to future population and health trends.

Sexually Healthy and Personally Effective is a prototype training modules for adolescents that are meant to support the main concerns of AHDP which essentially help prepare young people for personal, social and global responsibilities on their transit from childhood dependency to adulthood independence.

In connection with the celebration of Valentine’s Day, PhilSci Caraga throws a True Love Waits Program: A Virtual POP TALK on AHD. The said virtual POP TALK will be participated by the Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12 students of the institution. The POP TALK will highlight the proper education and youth knowledge about the Adolescent Health and Development of the scholars.

The SHAPE modules consists of 4 Modules: Module 1 Growing up, Module 2 Changing Feelings and Expectations, Module 3 Changing relationships and Module 4 Having Safe, Healthy and Happy adolescence.