The Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) warned young people who are in a romantic relationship to be more responsible on their sexuality as they celebrate Valentine’s Day.

In its continuing advocacy, POPCOM unceasingly intensify the implementation of its Adolescent Health and Development Program’s various strategic interventions, including the conduct of online programs and webinars on AHDP, in partnership with the local government units through its population offices, regional line agencies and program stakeholders.

The Commission urges parents to guide their growing children and help them equip with life skills for these are crucial in developing, strengthening, and making responsible choices and decisions.

Director Alexander A. Makinano of POPCOM Caraga, appeals to all teenagers to avoid sexual activity that would result to complications and risk of teen pregnancy.

The good director urges every adolescent: “Do not commit to actions placing your life in danger of losing it. Engaging in teen sex leads to pregnancy. Too early pregnancy puts the mother and her baby at risk of health complications and even death. The surest way to prevent teen pregnancy is not to have sexual intercourse. Everyone has the right to refuse sex. Everyone should respect that right.”