The Commission on Population and Development, in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund, works to ensure that Filipinos nationwide have equal access to and availability of Family Planning services by increasing its efforts to deliver commodities and information to communities, thereby strengthening its goal of eliminating or minimizing domestic or gender – based violence.

According to POPCOM Executive Director, Undersecretary Dr. Juan Antonio A. Perez III, during the UNFPA-hosted World Population Day launch last July 13, the Commission is continuing its mission to eradicate unwanted and teenage pregnancies by issuing to its regional offices the authority to send commodities directly to the homes of its users in order to maintain services despite health crisis.

Additionally, Director Perez said that misperceptions about family planning should be addressed as a priority by creating information, communication, and education tools that provide accurate information about these services particularly at the grassroots.

Karen Gomez Dumpit, Commissioner of the Commission on Human Rights, also emphasizes during the WPD Virtual Conference that sustainable development toward gender equality should include measures to combat gender-based violence and the lack of access to family planning, which is widely regarded as the key to combating unwanted and teenage pregnancy.

The report of Philippine National Police Women and Children Protection Center, 541 cases of rape, 148 cases of acts of lasciviousness, 15 cases of trafficking, and two cases of sexual harassment occur on a quarterly basis throughout the country, highlighted the need for authorities and responsible agencies to increase their efforts in addressing the problem of gender-based violence.