Abilan, Buenavista – Amidst the various issues that the country is currently facing, the Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) is optimistic with new perspective and prospects of positive change and innovations this 2020 and beyond, as the agency reboots its work plans for population and development leaving behind limited population planning.

In his directive to all regional offices of POPCOM, Undersecretary for Population and Development and Executive Director of POPCOM, Dr. Juan Antonio A. Perez III said the agency shall focus intensely on population and development.

Under its strategic plan, POPCOM strengthens coordination and networking to lower birth rates in achieving the early gains from the demographic dividend in a comprehensive manner.

POPCOM is eyeing that the huge young population to become productive working men and women helping the attainment of the country’s inclusive growth and development.

 “As the lead agency of the population and development, our entire organization must lead and sustain the initiative nationally and regionally to make sure member national agencies and their regional offices are fully on board on the National Program on Population and Family Planning (NPPFP).” Perez addressing all POPCOM Regional Directors.

In the intensified implementation of the NPPFP, POPCOM ensures essential allies, local governments and their population structures for the agency’s presence and strong support for their work and stand shoulder to shoulder with them in agreed priority areas and communities.

POPCOM disclosed that through NPPFP they must be able to build, strengthen, and mobilize institutional partnerships and networking with development partners, civil society, and private sector to fill in the gap when local efforts and resources are inadequate. Usec. Perez directed all regional offices: “We continue to reach out to the marginalized population groups such as adolescents and teen mothers, workers, urban poor, farmers, fisher folks and those in the last frontier to ensure inclusive development and that no one is behind.”