The Commission on Population and Development Caraga in partnership with Sibog Katawhan alang sa Paglambo also known as SIKAP is eyeing in extending sexual and reproductive health service to various indigenous people communities as an offshoot of the activity, “Engaging the Indigenous People to a dialogue on their Universal Human Right to Sexual and Reproductive Health” last January 25, 2021.

More than 40 tribal leaders of Manobo, Higaonon, and Mamanwa from the municipality of Santiago and Jabonga attended the activity to pursue tribal communities to be informed and educated regarding sexual and reproductive rights.

With its aim to increase the current contraceptive prevalence rate of the region, converting women of reproductive ages wanting to plan or limit pregnancies by availing of the family planning services and commodities, POPCOM Caraga with its partnering agencies and CSO concrete its call to the special population groups especially indigenous people to practice family planning.

POPCOM Caraga Regional Director Alexander A. Makinano highlights how properly planned families can help attain economic growth and development of the community.