The Commission on Population and Development and its partner agencies, the Department of Health and National Economic Development Authority, submitted a comprehensive and integrated plan of action to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for a massive campaign for Modern Family Planning nationwide. 

As an offshoot of its consultative conference on March 23, the three Non-Government Agencies recommended that the Local Government Units be stocked up with commodities to institutionalize family planning services’ localization in quick response to the increase of population. 

The said agencies asked the president to hire more regular nurses, family planning coordinators, and development workers to fasten the delivery of family planning commodities and services from the national down to its Local Government Units.

POPCOM Caraga Regional Director Alexander A. Makinano commented and recommended strengthening the networking and collaboration for the Family Planning program with the Civil Society Organization and other private organizations.

RD Makinano pointed out the urgency to centralize the National Government Agencies’ efforts for family planning and placing POPCOM as the lead agency. At the same time, DOH can address the pandemic’s enormous demands, while NEDA ensures that the economy’s fundamentals stay strong. 

Under the Presidential Directive, No. 2021-014, the said agencies will extend their effort to continue the family planning services to remote areas to prevent or decrease unwanted pregnancies.

President Duterte, in his directive, also highlighted the spike of COVID-19 cases brought by the increase in population and unwanted pregnancies.

According to the Department of Health, almost 7.7 million women are already acceptors of family planning services, increasing by 28 percent compared to the last survey conducted.