The Sibog Katawhan Alang sa Paglambo, Incorporated (SIKAP, INC), a local non-government organization, together with the Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) will soon implement project for the town of Buenavista which aims to establish a culture of care and respect for men, women and children thus gradually eradicating gender-based violence.

SIKAP as the main implementer will employ strategies and facilitate processes to establish mechanisms which will effectively cover all the households in every barangay of the municipality.

The joint project is dubbed as Performance Accountability System (PAS) for Family Planning seeks to attain zero unmet need on modern Family Planning by making all methods including natural family methods, more accessible and available at Barangay Health Stations (BHS) and Rural Health Units (RHUs).

The project document as provided to POPCOM reveals the strategies on underlying causes that can be addressed. First, Community mobilization beyond demand generation which community should be actively involved in the entire scheme of problem solving. Secondly, Barangay LGU mobilization this is the most accessible that addresses health issues. Third, Local Government System which catalyze the transformation of LGUs, health workers and communities by making the collectively accountable. Lastly, Engagement strategy that engage both communities up to the level of families.

The joint project is patterned to World Health Organization (WHO) through Sub-National Initiative in Davao Region consistently exposes the highest   maternal deaths. The dramatic increase in health indicators such as ani-natal care, deliveries attended by skilled birth attendants and facility-based deliveries resulting to the significant decrease in maternal deaths in a very short period of time.

Director Alexander Makinano of POPCOM Caraga give emphasis that the commission continuously works for Filipino families providing technical assistance, demand generation and service provision which inspires SIKAP, Inc for the tie up.

According to Ms. Christine Ampon, SIKAP Executive Director, the project implementation shall commence early of August.