The Commission on Population and Develop continues its charge in providing immediate services and quality information regarding Population Development, Adolescent Health, Responsible Parenting, and Family Planning by recalibrating its communication scheme in different platforms by conducting an online virtual workshop.

Last April 21-23, 2021, together with USAid and ReachHealth, POPCOM Central Office conducted an online virtual workshop participated by the different regional offices of the said agency.

Information Officers, Department and Section Heads, and Regional Directors attended the said workshop. Information Officers participated in the seminar, enhancing its communication approach to communities by formulating set-ups using other available mediums such as print media, television, and social media.

POPCOM Executive Director Undersecretary Dr. Juan Antonio A. Perez III highlights that the agency must broaden the knowledge and decision-making of each Filipino family to enroll in family planning and get rid of the misconceptions of the services provided by POPCOM.

Meanwhile, POPCOM Deputy Executive Director Lolito R. Tacardon encourages everyone to develop a quality form of communication to families by enhancing its formulation of IEC materials and other forms of information dissemination.