Abilan, Buenavista–  The  Commission on Population heightens its advocacy on empowering families through a massive and integrated campaign for modern family planning in time of the Population and Development  (POPDEV)  Week celebration.

The celebration is another opportunity for the government to work on the advancement of family planning in promoting the welfare of Filipino families  as its theme focused on  “Informed Choice in Family Planning Towards Empowered Filipino Families”.

In its various  activities for the celebration,   POPCOM-Caraga pointed-out the significant role of a responsible parent as the foundation of healthy, happy, prosperous, and empowered Filipino families which will translate into safe and progressive communities.

Likewise, the Provincial/City Population Officers continuously conducted the Responsible Parenting-Family Planning Classes at the barangay level.  These demand generation activities emphasized that shared responsibilities between husband and wife in managing family affairs including family planning is crucial to maintain harmonious marital relationships.

The celebration of Population and Development Week every  November 23 to 29 of the year is  pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 76. 

The theme specified the importance of empowering couples and individuals to achieve their desired timing, spacing, and number of children within the demands of responsible parenthood, through informed choice and voluntarism.

Director Alexander A. Makinano of POPCOM-Caraga stressed that couples are given the informed choices on what family planning method to use in planning  responsibly the number and spacing of their children in accordance with their religious beliefs and convictions.