The Commission on Population and Development – Caraga pursues the full implementation of the Registry of Barangay Inhabitants and Migrants also known as RBIM in the 25 barangays of the municipality of Buenavista, Agusan del Norte after the 3 batches of Data Encoding and Processing Workshop on January 27-29, 2021

64 data encoders were present during the 3 batches of workshop consisting of Sangguniang Kabataan Officials, Barangay Secretaries, and ad Community Development Workers all expecting to be trained with the mechanism of the software to be used for consolidation. Meanwhile, POPCOM Caraga Regional Director Alexander Makinano is also in attendance and shares insights to the data encoders how timely the RBIM profiling, especially during this health crisis.  

Registry of Barangay Inhabitants and Migrants is a mechanism for tracking internal migration for purposes of development planning and policy formulation. Basic information such as Migration data, Health indicators, Employment variables, and Household information are gathered during the profiling.

The commission targets to finish the profiling and encoding of data for the RBIM in Butuan City and neighboring municipality, Buenavista this 1st quarter of the year 2021 and expects other cities and municipalities to partner with the agency to set-up its own baseline for its responses along heath and migration concerns