The Commission on Population and Development Caraga Region launched the Philippine Population Management Program (PPMP) Awards for the Local Government Units (LGU) and other partners on September 30, 2020, via online platforms and face-to-face with the local media. 

The PPMP Awards constitute Kaunlarang Pantao (KP) Award, Search for Most Outstanding Youth Organization, Search for Model Teens, AHD Short Documentary Film Making Contest, and Media Awards. 

The Kaularang Pantao Award recognizes the outstanding performances and contributions of program implementers of Local Population Officers and Workers. RD Alexander Makinano said that initiatives and efforts of LGUs are worth recognizing and promoting to continuously foster dedication and determination to promote the programs on the local level. 

The categories under the Kaunlarang Pantao are Outstanding Provincial and City Population Officer, Provincial, City, and Municipal Population Office, Outstanding Municipal and City Population Officers, and Outstanding Barangay Population Volunteer. 

On the said ceremony, POPCOM also unveiled the Search for Most Outstanding Youth Organization, this is to give due recognition to youth organizations who have been active in implementing various communication activities that can provide information and life skills to empower the youth to make informed choices. 

POPCOM will also have the Search for Model Teens, it is a way of motivating teens to become an inspiration to their fellow adolescents. The recipient must possess outstanding leadership in the advocacy and implementation of any population-related programs. 

Under its Adolescent Health and Development Program, POPCOM will announce the Short Documentary Film Making Contest. It is a venue to create awareness on the status of today’s adolescents and young people is considered as the approach in helping youth in the crucial stage of development to become responsible and empowered adults. 

The ceremony will also unveil the Media Awards which is to honor the media partners who showed support on the Commission’s various programs, projects, and activities, especially with the Philippine Population Management Program. RD Makinano said that media partners are the main communication used to reach the vast majority of the general public as their valuable support in the successful implementation of the population program.  

Director Makinano emphasized that amidst this health emergency, POPCOM continues the program implementation in serving the Filipino families. He added that in these trying times the effort of the population workers and volunteers, and other frontliners, shall be duly recognized because without them the operation is impossible.