POPCOM-Caraga strengthens coordination with other government agencies to provide quality services and information on Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning and Adolescent Health and Development (AHD) to Balik Probinsya- Bagong Pagasa Program beneficiaries. 

The agency continues to provide information and services amid pandemic by remaining steadfast to its commitment of empowering the Filipinos through population and development strategies. The regional office ensures uninterrupted rollout and access modern on family planning and AHD services in coordination with local government units.

Under the Special Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-asa (BP2) Program Committee of the Caraga Regional Developement Council, the special program aims at alternative employment and long-term living options for those going back to their home provinces.

A coordination meeting to be attended by different national agencies and government offices including POPCOM-Caraga will be held this October 19 to ensure that the Balik-Probinsya Caraganons will be provided with appropriate and immediate assistance.

In a report provided a total of 88 Caraganons are set to travel back to the region this October.