The Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) Caraga is one with the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) in celebrating this year’s National Children’s Month, with the theme “Sama-samang Itaguyod ang Karapatan ng Bawat Bata sa Panahon ng Pandemya!”

Alongside with other government agencies, including local government units through its population office, POPCOM focuses to 10-18 segment of the population in continuously carrying out its thrust and directions at the community level and one of these is capacitating parents, teachers, youth leaders, and other significant adult groups to effectively guide and partner with adolescents in dealing with their sexual and reproductive health concerns.

“The current health crisis is the best time for parents to strengthen their bond with their adolescent children; teach and guide them with the various life skills to be able to positively adapt to and deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life”, POPCOM Caraga Director Alexander A. Makinano emphasized.

In an interview, Director Makinano revealed that under its Adolescent Health and Development (AHD) program, the Commission is working with government and private sectors in protecting the rights of all children at all times even during the pandemic.

With the Commission’s advocacy to empower adolescent children by equipping themselves with life skills that will protect them from threats including COVID-19, and any related issues concerning them, Makinano appealed to every parent, as the ushers, primary educators and trainers of the adolescents… to prepare their children to become responsible adults and citizens of the country.

The good director further emphasized that it is every child’s right to be guided, educated and protected.

As a manifestation of support to the celebration, the regional office provided washable facemask to target recipients of the gift-giving activity held at Balay Silonganan and Home for the Boys in Butuan City, as spearheaded by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Caraga.

NCM is celebrated annually every November, by virtue of Republic Act 10661 (National Children’s Month Act). An annual observance on the gains of the continuous pursuit towards the protection of the rights of children, promotion of their welfare and in commemoration of the promulgation of the first international instrument that acknowledges and recognizes the rights of children as integral and core to human rights the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) to which Philippines is a signatory.