The Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) Caraga calls the youth sector to be a good role model and example to adolescents, during this time of community quarantine brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an episode of POPCOM Caraga Adolescent Health and Development School on Air, Regional Director Alexander A. Makinano had a conversation with Rina Andrea Calo, a youth leader, and mental health advocate who explained the role of the youth in the growth and development of children who are at their adulthood transition stage.

Calo said that during this time of the pandemic, older siblings who are considered youth could help their parents in teaching their younger siblings on various life skills to sharpen their decision-making expertise and abilities that can be used sooner or later when they will be an adult.

Calo added that adolescents who are already enrolled in any of the two-way learning systems presented by the different institutions can grab the opportunity to ready and stretch themselves for the upcoming classes.

Regional Director Makinano is calling the parents to take time communicating their children especially during this time of pandemic to lessen their anxiety and worries.

During a virtual meeting with RD Makinano, the National Youth Commission Cluster Head, Karenne Anuver shared to RD Makinano that initiatives which aim to deliver sharped adolescents and next leaders of the society are included in their program.

Anuver reminded the youth to keep themselves away from vices especially smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, and illegal drugs to maintain moral to their adolescent younger siblings.

RD Makinano also reminded students and out of school adolescents, and parents to follow POPCOM Caraga’s official Facebook Page and watch AHDP School on Air every Thursday and Friday, from 3:00 – 4:00 pm to gain more knowledge and develop new skills for their health and development.