The Commission on Population and Development Caraga seeks to transfer the technology in managing the responses of any pandemic including COVID-19 through the Demographic Vulnerability Tools and Registry of Barangay Inhabitants and Migrants.

In the recently-conducted Regional Population Management Conference, Resolution No. 45-F of the Regional Development Council was showed which highlighted the utilization of Registry of Barangay Inhabitants and Migrants (RBIM) for accurate recording of resettlers in particular areas, as among the local government units’ responses to COVID-19 pandemic.

Deputy Executive Director Lolito R. Tacardon called the population workers to use Demographic Vulnerability Tools (DVT) which enables to measure the at-risk communities and household to the infection of COVID as mandated by the Joint Memorandum Circular of the Department of Health, Department of Interior and Local Government, National Economic and Development Authority, and the Commission on Population and Development.

Director Tacardon reformed the population workers of Caraga that soon the demographic characteristics of the population of their respective communities shall be digitalized by the Geographic Information System.