The Nutrition Action Officers from the different provinces, cities, and municipalities in the region agreed to integrate the Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning (RPFP) and the Adolescent Health and Development (AHD) into their respective programs. 

POPCOM committed logistical and financial support to Nutrition Action Officers in integrating RPFP and AHD into their regular activities conducted at the community level.

POPCOM Caraga, in close coordination with the Regional Nutrition Council – National Nutrition Council-Caraga, disclosed that the recently concluded virtual orientation aimed to further increase the knowledge and enhance the skills of the nutrition action officers in providing RPFP and AHD information and services to couples, adolescents, and to every individual in their respective communities. 

According to POPCOM, the RPFP program aims to enable couples and individuals, especially in areas heavily affected by the pandemic, demand and access responsible parenthood, family planning and relevant reproductive health information and services within their communities and other accessible resources. The AHD program on the other hand, aims to enable young individuals, especially those who are minors, with age-appropriate and life skills-based information on their sexual and reproductive health to prevent early pregnancies; and to enable adolescent mothers or parents to prevent repeated and unplanned pregnancies.

In his message, Director Alexander A. Makinano of POPCOM Caraga highlighted the significant roles of the nutrition action officers, along with the population officers, workers and volunteers… in empowering Caraganon families to acquire a better quality of life both within the family and the society at large.