The Commission on Population and Development Caraga together with Sibog Katawhan alang sa Paglambo better known as SIKAP Inc. assessed the Performance of the Barangays in the execution of plans for the improvement of Reproductive Health (RH) services.

Areas on the first day, Brgy. Rizal & Brgy. Guinabsan. Day 2 Brgy. Olave & Brgy. Sangay. and Day 3 Brgy. Simbalan.

The Joint team of POPCOM, SIKAP, DOH, Municipal and Provincial LGUs on Reproductive Health services through Performance Accountability System to ensure and improve health status of the communities. The Performance Accountability System (PAS) is a tool to engage Local Government Unit LGU in affecting strategic improvement in the health conditions of communities. SIKAP chose Buenavista since the municipal has a high number of unmet needs in the region. The Performance audit was attended by the local officials, barangay population volunteers, and purok leaders, in face-to-face.

The audit team is spearheaded by Rosalia Climaco, Responsible Parenthood, and Family Planning Program manager, together with Rutchie Saluta, Information Officer III of POPCOM Caraga, Semonette Pabillore-Provincial Population Officer of Agusan del Norte, Alconcita Portillano, Family Planning coordinator, and Engr. Sarahjane Jumamoy of Department of Health.

Barangay Rizal was the first barangay audited. The audit findings were improper filing of data and labeling of unmet needs. Ms. Alconcita Portillano enumerated the unmet need are those wives who do not use family planning, FP users who stopped using more than 3 months, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. Ms. Climaco emphasized that so far the Brgy manage the implementation of PAS and shall follow the audit team’s recommendations.  She also defines the meaning of Limiting, Spacing & Achieving to the BPVs.

The last barangay was Brgy. Guinabsan. The barangay presented its filed data and RPFP Forms to the audit team. The audit leader highlighted that the Brgy successfully enact the health service in the community.

On their end, the barangay captains of Brgy. Rizal and Brgy. Guinabsan said that they will go along with the audit team’s recommendations for the better practice and implementation of PAS in their community.