The local government health facilities carries on with service delivery for modern Family Planning during the health crisis with its mission to continue enabling couples and individuals in achieving their role as responsible parents.

Assisting the LGUs, the Commission on Population and Development Caraga provided the Rural Health Units and Municipal Health Centers with different FP Commodities and services Bilateral Tubal Ligation, (BTL) Depomedroxy progesterone acetate (DMPA) injectables, Progestin Subdermal Implant (PSI), Intrauterine Device (IUD), Progestin-only pills, and condoms.

On the 2020 Accomplishment Report of the RPFP Program, the province of Agusan del Norte attained a distribution of 184 Progestin-only pills, 80 Progestin Subdermal Implant, 63 tried Bilateral Tubal Ligation, 62 Depomedroxy progesterone acetate, and 30 IUD recipients.Agusan del Sur obtained 83 POPs, 74 DMPA, 21 IUD recipients, 7 BTL, 6 PSI, and five condoms. Meanwhile, Surigao del Norte with 124 PSI, 48 DMPA, 22 Progestin-only pills, 20 BTL, 7 IUD, and condoms. Surigao del Sur accepted 164 POPs, 38 PSI, 31 IUD, 29 DMPA injectables, and 18 condoms. Lastly, the Province of Dinagat Islands received 165 Progestin Subdermal Implant, 109 POP, 50 DMPA injectable, 8 BTL, and 5 IUD and Condom with the target

Meanwhile, Bayugan City attained 95 PSI recipients, 21 POP, and 8 DMPA injectables. Bislig City came by with 116 POP, 27 condoms, 26 PSI, 15 DMPA injectables, and 7 IUD recipients. Butuan City received 417 Progestin-only pills, 180 DMPA injectables, 105 PSI, 46 IUD, 36 BTL, and condom. Cabadbaran City attained 21 Progestin-only pills, 15 IUD, 12 condoms, 10 BTL, 9 DMPA injectable, and Progestin Subdermal Implant. Tandag City accepted 176 POP, 39 DMPA injectable, 17 Intrauterine Device, and PSI, and 11 condoms.

Regional Director Alexander Makinano emphasized that the commission works extra mile for service delivery in these trying times. The quarantine and lockdown prevent to reach couples and individuals for the provision of family planning commodities.