The Commission on Population and Development Executive Director Juan Antonio A. Perez III encouraged the Regional Offices to continuously serve the Local Government Units to allow population officers to step up and do more Family Planning activities. He said that POPCOM is not just conducting demand generation activities but also service delivery.

ED Perez emphasized that the population officers, workers, and volunteers are the heroes of POPCOM for enabling the reach of the 2020 target of 1.2 million couples and individuals of the Philippine Population Management Program nationwide despite the difficulties.

ED Perez said that the lockdown of the different areas temporarily stopped the provision of the FP Program that leads to the increasing number of unplanned pregnancies for 2021. The decline of family planning service provision in the Local Government Units momentarily permits the population officers with the health workers to assist in COVID works such as delivering technical assistance and apply the Demographic Vulnerability Tools.

ED Perez addressed all population officers and workers of Caraga Region in the Regional Population Management Teleconference conducted very recently.

Regional Director Alexander A. Makinano on his end, replied that POPCOM Caraga will continuously serve the Caraganon families together with the population and health workers and volunteers’ regionwide.