The Commission on Population and Development Caraga (POPCOM-Caraga) issued a strong waring to the public to observe health measures after the number of positive cases escalated in the region.

POPCOM Caraga reminds the public to follow the health measures as local transmission within the region is reported. Public health measures aim to flatten the curve of the increasing number of cases and reduce the mortality rate.

Caraganons are advised to strictly observe one-meter social distancing to prevent respiratory droplets get into their system, proper hygiene using soap and hand sanitizer after touching or contact with anything, wearing of face mask especially when going to public places (market, groceries, workplace, restaurants, etc.), and stay at home to prevent possible contact with unknown people who might be virus carriers.

For workers who need to report to their offices, the temperature of individuals who will enter the premises of their work should be checked using thermal scanners, Surgical or N-95 mask should always be worn. People entering the office should be decreased to meet and comply with the one-meter social distancing, proper disposal of used hygiene kits especially face mask and tissues must be thrown and segregated properly. Print materials such as posters or flyers may be posted in conspicuous areas to raise more awareness about COVID-19, and cancel or postpone unnecessary trips or vacations.

POPCOM Caraga Regional Director Alexander A. Makinano added that in this time of crisis in which community quarantine is implemented and school classes are suspended, parents must grab the opportunity to teach their kids life lessons and skills that could strengthen their personality cores and growth.

POPCOM official commits to continue in information dissemination and knowledge support not only about its department’s core missions but as well as Public Health measures against COVID-19.

POPCOM Helplines are in place to cater the public’s questions regarding Responsible Parenthood-Family Planning (RP-FP), Adolescent Health and Development (AHD), Gender-Based Violence, and COVID-19 related questions to ease fears and worries during this pandemic. Helpline Responders can be reached at 09951550746 (Globe) and 09610419159 (Smart) from Monday – Friday, 08:00-05:00 pm. The public  also follow their official Facebook page Commission on Population and Development Caraga Region to be more updated and watch POPCOM Caraga’s Virtual Academy and AHD School on Air, Monday – Friday from 3:30:4:30 pm.