The Commission on Population and Development Caraga advances the implementation of the Registry of Barangay Inhabitants and Migrants also known as RBIM to Caraga’s Regional Center, Butuan City and its neighboring municipality, Buenavista amidst the health crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The mandatory compliance of the local government units intends to establish a community-based, information and profiles through the RBIM to every barangay in the region and this initiative is aligned with the thrust of the Philippine Population Management Program. RBIM is designed along with the Demographic Vulnerability Tool to help Local Government Units manage their response against any pandemic, including COVID-19

The following are the barangays of Butuan who are already done with their profiling for the Registry of Barangay Inhabitants and Migrants.

Barangay Bading, Dangkias, Fort Poyohon, Pagatpatan, Agusan Pequeno, Babag, Maibu, Aupagan, Tagabaca, Urduja, Mandamong, and barangay Florida.

Barangays of Buenavista are also expected to complete with its profiling and enumeration within the start of the first quarter of the year.

Meanwhile, Liga ng mga Barangay President of Butuan, Hon. Gemma Tabada spotlights the efficiency of the RBIM to be integrated with their Barangay Informations System that are badly needed to be updated during this time of health crisis.

Barangay Guinabsan Chieftain and acting president of Liga ng mga Barangay of Buenavista, Hon. Mariano P. Galinato expresses his gratitude to the agency as the profiling mechanisms were freely given to their offices. Galinato also highlighted that the enumeration and profiling will help the barangay’s operations to monitor its population and density.